McMillan Installer and win32file

Jean-Sébastien Philippe js.philippe at
Sun Aug 18 09:59:39 EDT 2002

> > I have developped a small application with Activestate Python 2.2.1 on
> > a Windows XP machine - and I have built a distribution package with
> > McMillan Installer (version 5b3.1). The package does not work on
> > Windows NT4 or Windows 2000 (but works perfectly on Windows XP boxes).
> > I get the following output:
> [...]
> > ImportError: DLL load failed: unable to find the procedure
> > with a message box: unable to find the entry point for the procedure
> > 'RtlRegisterSecureMemoryCacheCallBack' in the dynamic link library
> > ntdll.dll.
> Look at the dlls that were gathered (in the build directory, or for
> a --onefile use PyArchiveViewer on the exe). My educated guess is that
> you're picking up an MS dll that should be excluded. You're picking up
> the XP version, which relies on the XP version of ntdll.dll. Exclude it,
> and a Win2K box will load the Win2K version and all will be well.
> Excludes of this nature are hardcoded in Please let me
> know what it is, and I'll get it into the next release.

The dll involved is MSWSOCK.DLL. I have added it to and
the package could run on different Windows version.

Thanks for your help.


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