How do they do this? Can python?

Terry Hancock hancock at
Tue Aug 6 17:05:00 EDT 2002

I won't quote the spam itself, but I was intrigued by the
noise.  How does this text get generated, and can one find
a python module that does as well? I notice that this appears
to be grammatically (syntactically) correct, despite being
semantic nonsense, e.g.:

> All light buckets alongside the easy river were teasing for the 
> upper planet.  They are pouring without the corner now, won't 
> improve gardners later.  Atiqullah!  You'll move jugs.  Yesterday, I'll 
> dream the button.  Who climbs steadily, when Mhammed believes the 
> poor egg behind the swamp?  My sharp kettle won't care before I 
> shout it.  Never irrigate the balls annually, answer them wastefully.  Get your 
> regularly creeping game in my earth.  

Is this hacked up input text, or classified words being
randomly combined? (Not completely random -- it obviously
knows about parts of speech, unless this is simply a
reflection of the source text, preserved by some semi-magical
transformation involving Markov whatevers).

And surely there must be a better application for this
technology? ;-D


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