Visual editor/shell for teaching OO concepts?

Levente Sandor sandorlevi at
Sun Aug 25 01:54:29 CEST 2002

I tried out BlueJ, and now I think that Boa Constructor is more
appropiate to your needs.
Please take a look at
In some way it does the inverse of what you want (you begin with
typing in the source), but it has a class browser, an interactive
shell and an UML view too.
In my opinion the ideal solution would be the combination of these two
tools (Boa and PyUt). Both are based on the wxPython modules
(, so it's not impossible...

Christian Holmboe <dva95che at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1030180054.10856.python-list at>...
> Thank you, but I was thinking something more like a "visual interactive
> shell", much like the python shell but with a visual class/object
> browser/editor. PyUt might be the perfect starting point for this kind

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