Could Python supplant Java?

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Fri Aug 23 18:48:24 CEST 2002

According to goose  <spammenotguse at>:
:Darren New wrote:
:> Solaris doesn't come with a C compiler, last I looked. 

Define 'come with' - I believe that Solaris 8 has, for several years now,
came with a CD-ROM with several hundred megabytes of development software
that one can load at configure time if one is configuring a development
machine (gcc, make, etc.)

:developer hostile
:> CP/M. SunOS. 
:both install with something
:> Windows, on the other hand, comes with .NET compilers and the Windows
:> Scripting Language. 
:no it doesn't, you have to get them seperately ...

If we are defining something as developer friendly if there is software
somewhere in the world that can be downloaded, then most of the machines
and systems mentioned above are developer friendly.

However, as I read in newsgroups about the platforms on which developers
have problems with system crashes, development application crashes, 
developing application crashes, etc. I tend to see Windows listed as
the platform being used more than I see other platforms.
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