Database experiences in Python: Good or Bad?

François Lepoutrre francois.lepoutre at
Tue Aug 6 11:31:58 CEST 2002

my additional two cents (of euro) on mxODBC.

Solid enough :)

Coming from a world where db connectivity
is essential, we have been pleased with the
mxODBC solution when it comes to connecting
to proprietary engines (delivering a solution
that proved itself with Sybase ASA both
on win32 and linux).

Keep in mind that mxODBC relies on mxDateTime
for "date and time" services. A real bonus for business
apps as datetime is no native python datatype.

Jeff Schedin wrote in message ...
>I am thinking of getting into Python but before I take the plunge I
>wanted to get some opinions on how the database connectivity is
>actually working in python since the work I will be doing will be
>heavy on getting data from Oracle, MSSQL and DB2 databases off of all
>sorts of OS'.
>(Currently I am programming on an AS/400 in RPG which due to the
>integrated nature of OS/400 DB2 is native - no drivers I just declare
>the file and read or embed the SQL directly into the code. Needless to
>say all of this monkey business with drivers makes me a little
>I have looked at the DB SIG and think that if the drivers actually
>implement all of the features I will be fine.  Some of the drivers
>look a little scary to me - this could just be my perception of course
>- while others look like a lot of work (mxODBC - which looks good
>requires some compiling ?)  Some of my main concerns are that metadata
>be available and that the drivers are activly maintained either
>privately or by an active community.
>It seems that the Open Source databases are fine in this area:
>PostgreSQL, MySQL etc  but what about DB2/Oracle/MSSQL?  I don't mind
>having to do a little extra coding I just want to be able to download
>a driver (I will even compile if the instructions are decent) that I
>know will work and that will evolve as the Database Vendors do.
>Java's JDBC api seems to be well supported by most databases so would
>Jython be a better approach?  Since databases are the heart of many
>projects I must assume that things working fine but from my basic
>research (ok it was just ala google) I don't seem too confident in
>Python's DB-API compliance or support.
>Perhaps I am just thinking about the whole topic incorrectly (it sure
>feels like it).  I mean don't most DBs expose an API which these
>drivers are then just coded against?  All wisdom appreciated.

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