Could Python supplant Java?

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> On 20 Aug 2002, FISH wrote:
> You are deceiving yourself if you think (at least a good portion of) the
> burden of testing is not already on the developer. The difference between
> static and dynamic typed languages is that with the dynamicly-typed
> language you don't have the false sense of security. You should be
> suspicious of all warm fuzzies derived from code that successfully
> compiles. :-)

In general I agree with that sentiment. However, there is at least one place
where I've found compilation errors to be indispensable: when I'm
refactoring code, I can make changes to an interface, and use the compiler
to tell me about everything that needs to be adjusted correspondingly. That
ability to lean on the compiler when reorganizing my code is something I've
really missed when working on a large Python codebase.


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