Could Python supplant Java?

Bo M. Maryniuck b.maryniuk at
Thu Aug 22 09:39:32 CEST 2002

On Wednesday 21 August 2002 21:28, James J. Besemer wrote:
> with one 150K LOC VC++ project I worked on I could change a few modules and
> rebuild in just a few seconds.  In contrast, I just generated a fairly
> trivial 150K Python program and it took almost 3 minutes compile (on a
> machine 4X faster than I used for that C++ project).  

What you mean by "compile"? Python is an interpterer as Java or Perl... Or you 
mean that your Python 150K program starts ~3 min? OTOH, we need perfomance 
during run-time.

Regards, Bogdan

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