ftplib LIST question

Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering at gmx.de
Mon Aug 5 23:54:09 EDT 2002

* Al <spohn at nospam.mayo.edu> [2002-08-05 22:23 -0500]:
> I'm interested in parsing the output of retrlines('LIST') via a callback 
> routine, e.g., retrlines('LIST',mycallbackroutine()).

Do you want to learn or have results? :) Not having it used myself, but
this module could come in useful if you want results:


| FTP-Servers provide a wide range of responses to the LIST command.
| ftpparsemodule allows you to parse most ftp-servers LIST responses
| found in the wild. It does so by using Dan Bernsteins ftpparse package
| and making it accessible to Python.

I haven't checked the redistribution rules for djb's ftpparse package.
You might want to check them first, as some of his software has, ummm,
strange policies for redistribution :->

You could still steal^get inspirement from his algorithms ;-)

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