Could Python supplant Java?

d2002xx d2002xx at
Mon Aug 19 06:44:51 CEST 2002

> Not offering any personal opinion on this conjecture, but a lot of
> people are saying that java has failed to become a widely accepted
> cross platform language for applications.

What!? Those guys don't know java projects in are
growing much faster than python and C++!

> These leaves the world defenseless against the Microsoft Borg.

Hmmm... Don't argue with pigs...

> But could Python do the trick?

Currently in investigation :)

> The python interpreter is smaller
> than the JRE, and it's certainly a nicely structured language, with
> nearly all the coding features of Java. 

"all" coding features? Nooo! python language is better! except for
built-in language support for multi-threading... Will python add it in
future? Something like "synchronize:"?

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