automatic gif formation from list of strings?

jepler at jepler at
Thu Aug 8 04:57:25 CEST 2002

I don't know if all the pieces are available on Windows, but on Unix I
would use "gimp-python", which allows one to write scripts for the gimp
image editing program in Python.

Furthermore, gimp already includes many scripts written in a dialect of
Scheme which can create buttons and labels in various styles.  Probably you
could develop something whose main loop is little more difficult than:

    for i in range(1900, 2000):
	img = gimp.pdb.script_fu_????(...., str(i), ...)"%s.jpg" % i)

to create 100 drawings with the desired text and consistent style.

If you want to learn scheme, you could write this almost as easily without
installing gimp-python at all, just using a basic installation of the gimp.


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