#define in Java

Matt Gerrans mgerrans at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 15 22:27:43 EDT 2002

> Easier'n using the C/C++ preprocessor itself?
> I suspect the original questioner does not realize that
> essentially all C/C++ compilers expose their preproces-
> sors (even if it's only under duress, for some of them).
> Therefore, in the absence of a more refined specification
> from the original questioner, and with full awareness of
> my own fondness for Python, my answer would be, if you
> want #define-like behavior, use a C preprocessor.

Good point.   I forgot all about that.   Now I remember those dark days of
running the preprocessor separately, for the express purpose of figuring out
what the heck all the $#@$ #defines resolved to in the end!

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