Could Python supplant Java?

Darren New dnew at
Wed Aug 21 19:50:16 EDT 2002

goose wrote:
> what kind of a system is that ? every system I've worked on
> (other than windows) came with at least *ONE* compiler ...
> and most let you rebuild the kernel as well ...

You just haven't worked on many different kinds of systems. 

> > second because most tools
> > shipped with the OS are out of date by the time they're
> > pressed to the CD and require updates anyhow,
> no. I'm still using VC5.something at home for windows work,
> and I am STILL using gcc 2.95.something at home for all other
> work ... no need to patch them, they work just fine ...

Then what's the problem with needing a compile server to make sure
everyone's using the same version? ;-)
> > and paying for development
> > software is not a bad thing.
> not in itself, no, but the system HAS to come with something.

Windows Scripting Language. The .NET compiler.

> they *never* cowtowed to developers for as long as I
> remember.

You've never bought MSDN, have you?

> I never said it was impossible, I just said that it doesn't
> come with windows, if you're a developer you have to put
> half the system together yourself.

Why would "make" come with Windows when it comes with every compiler that
needs something like Make? Most languages don't need Make, so what's the

> the lack of a proper scripting environment means that the
> rebuild and test process cannot be automated.

No, it just means you use whatever comes with the compiler, download it for
free, or pay for it.
> remember, i said  "out-the-box" way above ... out-the-box, windows
> does not let you do this ... period ... of all the systems
> in existence, windows is the only one where you have to pay more
> just to get more developers onto it.

Uh, you've not used a lot of development environments. You think the
compiler for (say) your cell phone's software runs on the cell phone?

> yeah, but they dont come with windows. so that story is out the
> window (pun intended :-) ... the reason that other systems are MORE
> developer friendly, is because they COME with most of what a developer
> needs to develop.

Depends. If you're programming in the language that comes with the computer,
yes. Otherwise, no. 

> of all the systems I've worked on, only windows needs help to turn it
> into a development machine, all the others install tools (or prompt
> you on installation asking if you want to install)

Solaris doesn't come with a C compiler, last I looked. CP-V didn't come with
compilers. CP/M didn't come with compilers. Neither your cell phone nor your
TiVo come with a compiler installed. Nor does your Palm Pilot. Nor does the
cash register at the store where you bought the computer.

> Which is the only system to come without a *SINGLE* development tool ?

Palm Pilot. CP/M. SunOS. 

Windows, on the other hand, comes with .NET compilers and the Windows
Scripting Language. That you don't like *those* development tools doesn't
mean they aint there.

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