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Tue Aug 13 05:46:33 CEST 2002

"SA" <sarmstrong13 at> wrote ...
> Hi Everyone-
> I am trying to match a string pattern like the following:
> ?1234.htm
> I would then like to extract the 1234 from the pattern and sub 1234.html
> the pattern. Of course there will be more than one match per file and 1234
> will be variable from match to match. But the ? And .htm will be in each
> pattern. For example:
> ?1234.htm
> ?342.htm
> ?098.htm
> Anyone know how to do this? Is there a simpler way than re?

I'm assuming that all the strings you want to deal with begin with a
question mark and end in ".htm". If this isn't the case you may need to use
REs, which I tend to save for those times when I *really* can't think of any
other way. (This is because I'm not very good with REs).

Probably you can just get away with using a negative index to specify the
right-hand end of the string slice:

>>> "?1234.htm"[1:-4]
>>> "?342.htm"[1:-4]
>>> "?098.htm"[1:-4]

Will this do what you need?

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