[ANN] pymp3cut v0.27

Jerome Alet jerome at cortex.unice.fr
Wed Aug 21 18:17:55 EDT 2002


I'm pleased to announce v0.27 of the Python MP3 Cutter.

PyMP3Cut is a Python commandline tool designed to cut huge (> 100MB) MP3
files at high speed without requiring the extra disk space and processing
time usually needed by visual audio editing tools, which convert the MP3
format to more easily manageable formats like WAV before doing anything.
It reads and cuts simultaneously according to the autodetected MP3 frame
rate and a timeline passed as a commandline argument.

PyMP3Cut was written to automate the slicing of day-long Icecast audio
archives in easier to listen per-speaker parts.

This new version adds some command line options to process huge MP3
files even if you don't have a timeline file.

PyMP3Cut is available under the GNU GPL from :


Beware : PyMP3Cut is FFAASSTT and sharp, it cuts files where you ask it to
do so !

Any comment is more than welcome.

Jerome Alet

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