Build bugs in Python 2.2.1?

Lars Kellogg-Stedman lars_news at
Fri Aug 9 09:38:47 EDT 2002

Howdy folks,

I'm building python 2.2.1 for installation into an NFS-shared software 
tree, and I've encountered what look like bugs in the Python build process:

(1) The value of LDFLAGS (and CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS) passed (i.e., in the 
environment) to 'configure' are correctly set in the top-level Makefile, 
but they don't appear to get propogated to the module build process.  Ouch!

(2) The that drives the module builds contains the following code:

# Ensure that /usr/local is always used
if '/usr/local/lib' not in self.compiler.library_dirs:
   self.compiler.library_dirs.insert(0, '/usr/local/lib')
if '/usr/local/include' not in self.compiler.include_dirs:
   self.compiler.include_dirs.insert(0, '/usr/local/include' )

Again, ouch!  I want to explicitly exclude /usr/local from the library 
search path, because I don't want dependencies on anything outside of 
our software tree or the core system libraries.

I can sort of of work around (1) by setting both LD_LIBRARY_PATH and 
LD_RUN_PATH -- the critical issue is getting the -rpath (or -R) flag 
passed to the linker -- but that's not very pretty.  And of course I can 
patch the script, but really I'd prefer that it not try to 
second guess me :).

-- Lars

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