Could Python supplant Java?

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Sat Aug 24 07:10:18 CEST 2002

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>>Or implements the 42 and a half methods of a IFile interface, even if 
>>your code just expects to use *one* particular method of this interface.
> Adapters?  Abstract classes?

Still more code that dont make code more readable ( IMHO !-)

>>And it's far to rigid an interface hierarchy, and way far to much 
>>useless code to write.
> Ah yes - but at least you know the implementation isn't
> half written.  ;-)

Really ? Having 41 and a half methods with no code is a fully written 
implementation ?-)

Ok, I wont go much more in it. The mains points are that
- I don't agree with you when you say that dynmaic typing makes a 
language only suitable for scripting. There are enough counter exemples 
(in Lisp and Objective C at least) to prove this is wrong.

- I dont agree with you when you say that static typing is safer. 
Counter exemples exists in C.

Now going back to something more productive !-)


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