How to Re this string!

Eddie Corns eddie at
Tue Aug 13 15:41:07 CEST 2002

sjoshi at (Sunit Joshi) writes:

>I have string like(apce at end)
>20 1 18 40 'p14h105' 'MCHE Drains and Vents' 'p14h105.dgn'
>'g:\pdstest\models\piping\' 'sunitw2k'   0 0

>for which I'm trying to write an re exp. The intgers are separated by
>a space and the strings enclosed in "'". I need to write out the final
>string delimited by a ";"

>Could someone please help mw with an Re.exp for this.

You need to be a bit more careful about explaining exactly what you want but
my guess is that you want to convert from whitespace delimited to ';'
delimited.  So something like:

x   = re.findall (r"('[^']*')|([0-9]+)", input_string)
res = ';'.join([a or b for a,b in x])

would do the trick.  This leaves the ' characters in, a little bit more work
could get rid of them too.


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