I'd like to learn Python

Michael Büker aida.kensuke at gmx.no-spam-accepted.net
Mon Aug 12 20:35:12 CEST 2002

Sorry to have posted using my wrong name, but I recently was on an M$
So, Thomas Holtzer is actually Michael Büker. Sorry!

"Thomas Holtzer" <aida.kensuke at gmx.net> wrote in message
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> > I really like Lutz, Mark and David Ascher.  Learning Python.  O'Reilly.
> > 1999.  There may be a later edition.
> I read this book with a lot of QuickBasic and quite good VisualBasic
> experience (althoug I could hardly write something decent in QuickBasic
> anymore ;) ). I had also read something about C and wrote a little. At
> time I couldn't have written a C-program anymore (you probably know how
> you forget programming stuff when you're 15 and full of other things ;) ),
> but I knew the structures and principles quite well.
> And with this knowlegde as a base to learn Python, this book is excellent.
> really recommend it if you have written easier stuff before (like Basic,
> Pascal, ...) and are familiar with C.
> In fact, to refresh my knowledge of the language, I'm going to get that
> from the library once more ;)
> cu,
> Mik

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