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On Thu, 1 Aug 2002 14:08:04 +0700 (JAVT), Percy Tambunan
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>i do a lot of database programming especially with MySQL. I just starting
>learning python because many people told me that python is wonderful. I
>have read Guido's tutorial, but still being unable to write some codes for
>building MySQL GUI written in python.
>I need some help from many of you guys for this.

You might find it interesting to look at Rekall, from theKompany, at

It is (will be) a cross-platform GUI database front-end.
Think of MS Access, then forget the horrible parts.
Rekall uses any of several DBMSs at the backend (currently MyQSL,
PostgreSQL and XBase). It does not yet have all the easy development
gizmos of Access, but the end-result for the user looks about as good.
Much of Rekall is written in Python, and the "code-behind-forms" is
Python scripts.

It's not free (about US$90 IIRC), is available now for Linux and Sharp
Zaurus (free demos), the Windows version is in Beta test (I'm on that
- currently suffering the usual Beta frustrations, but have seen
enough to get excited).
It's not very obvious from the website or downloaded demos that there
is a manual or Helpfiles, however if you D'L the Zaurus Demo and unzip
it, there is a manual in PDF.

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