status of decompyle ?

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 27 14:01:24 CEST 2002

Andreas Leitgeb wrote:
> Recently, the python 'decompyle'r got mentioned here,
> and I tried it for some .pyc-files, but decompyle failed
> on them.
> I wrote an email to the author about a month ago, but got
> no reply. (Maybe, my mail was just too dumb - I can't tell.)
> Should I remain patient a little more, or mail again,
>  or does the author read this group, anyway ?
> Or is decompyle in status "orphaned" ?

Why not try posting your inquiry here?  The authors of each
Python utility can't be expected to provide personalized tech
support for everyone, without pay.  Those of us who post here
frequently are obviously insane enough to do just that though,
so you could try us out.

(Note, please don't just say "it failed"... post an exception,
or example, or something, that shows what you mean.  Let us
know which version of Python was used to compile the original
.pyc as well, and which version you are running now.  Whenever
possible use cut and paste to get the code/tracebacks into
the message, rather than retyping and risking typos.)


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