Python For Windows XP?

Matt Gerrans matt_gerrans at
Thu Aug 22 12:56:11 EDT 2002

> I have no problem running Python 2.2.1 under XP (well, at least I think
> 2.2.1.  I know it is one of the 2.2's.)

Yes, I've also installed it on millions of XP machines and it works fine.
Can you post more details -- is there no additional information when it

> > Can someone tell me if there is a version of Python available for
> > XP?  I download Python 2.2.1, which crashes during the installation.  I
> > believe this maybe be caused by the operating system, what should I do?

Did you use the win32all-146.exe installer, or something else?

> > Don't suggest I switch to Linux, I'm already going to try that ;-)

Then you'd just be trading all your Windows troubles in for Linux troubles.

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