can python run a free 'make' utility/module on Windows?

Noah noah at
Sat Aug 24 06:44:40 CEST 2002

gk at (greg keraunen) wrote:
> I am a newbie so please excuse ignorance.
> ...
> Does anyone know of a free/open-source make utility on Windows that
> could be accessed and distributed with Python?
> ...
> The other thing I was hoping to find is rsync on Windows. Is that
> possible?
> ...
> Greg Keraunen

For GNU utilities for Windows here are two sources that I am familiar with:

GNU utilities for Win32
Note that the history on the web page goes in reverse order
(oldest first) which makes it look like the project was last
updated in 2000, but if you scroll down to the bottom you 
will see regular updates as late as 08/11/02

Then there is CYGWIN. This is the most popular GNU on Windows package.
Sometimes it's hard to tell that you are not using UNIX.
The main drawback is that it's big and it is hard to pick and
choose a few commands. Instead you get a whole subsystem.
It comes with bash, make, gcc, cvs, rsync, OpenSSH, and optionally even Python.
But it's a good, polished system. I always install it.

As for rsync, CYGWIN comes with rsync.


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