Could Python supplant Java?

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Thu Aug 22 17:44:21 CEST 2002

laotseu <bdesth at> wrote in message news:<3D641F1F.5090905 at>...
> Woops. You should probably read about the difference between 'Strong vs 
> Weak' and 'Dynamic vs Static' typing.

Perhaps I didn't explain myself clearly enough.

> If you think that dynamic typing means that the string object '123' 
> could be automagically converted to the integer object 123, you are 
> *plain* wrong.

Yes I know.  However, such weak features are often a feature of
dynamic type languages.  If you read the text you'll see I start
by saying I didn't see any reason to have a single variable which
could hold any type of data.  The only use I've ever seen it put
to was automatic translation (or re-interpretation, if you will)
of data.  This is not a feature of Python, I know - but I thought
the text made it clear I wasn't talking specifically about Python.

Obviously not clear enough.

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