3d translation in Python.

Luis Torres dsteel1 at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Aug 30 19:06:12 CEST 2002

I'm somewhat new to Python.  I'm using a 3D structual software program
to detail structural steel (SDS/2 by Design Data).  As of two years
ago the they implemented Python into the software to allow the user to
create parametrics (or macros) in Python.  I have gotten pretty good
at writing code to accomplish required task that used to be very time

SDS/2 is a 3D based modeling package (global x,y,z).  When a member is
created in the software it has it's own 3D base (member x,y,z).  I can
extract all the required information from the member as to where it is
in the global coordinate system, but in order for me to attach
material to it (in other words, when I pick a point in the global
space) it has to be translated to the members coordinates.

I need to take the point in Global and keep it where it is, but come
up with the new x,y,z of that point as it relates to the Member
coordinates. Any ideas?

Is there a way to translate a point in the global to the member

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks :-)

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