a simple graphic library

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.net
Thu Aug 29 12:41:39 CEST 2002

polux <polux2001 at wanadoo.fr> wrote in message news:<3D6AE97E.2040002 at wanadoo.fr>...
> Do you know if there is a simple graphic module for python (like SRGP 
> for C in exemple) which would trace very simple meshes like points, 
> rectangles, circles, etc on win32 ?
> I know that there are some options like this in TKinter, but it's 
> complicated for such siples things

Use something like Pygame (http://www.pygame.org) if you want to avoid
the usual obligatory event loop situations. The support for drawing
lines and filling shapes might not be as strong as it is for bitmapped
graphics (sprites etc.), but the cross platform support is impressive
and you could always implement your own drawing primitives.


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