Color coding parser for HomeSite?

Erki Esken erki at
Fri Aug 30 02:39:43 CEST 2002

> I was like 1 of the first 100 people to use HomeSite when it was
> just one guy releasing Delphi shareware.  Oh the memories.

Nick Bradbury is one of the best programmers around, don't you agree?
And his new TopStyle Pro 3 is just fantastic.

> What is it you need to parse exactly?

I'm picking up Python and would love to have a *color coding* parser
for HomeSite (actually its big brother, CFStudio) because that's my
text editor of choice. So I'm looking if anyone has already created a
TSyntaxMemo script for coloring Python code. Either already compiled
.scc parser file or better yet, the source .sc file that defines what
colors for what keywords etc to use.

If there isn't a parser for Python out there, I'm going to write it myself.
And that's why I also asked for sample Python scripts that use more
exotic syntax, that would be useful when developing and testing this
color coding parser.


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