How your company think about python?

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Mon Aug 19 00:02:33 CEST 2002

On Sun, 18 Aug 2002 08:01:50 -0400, d2002xx wrote:

> Hi all.
> I've posted a similiar message in, just for
> curious, but it seems that most people don't know about python...
> Would you tell me how your company (or your boss, colleagues) think
> about python? A possible next-generation mainstream? Or just another
> script? Or they even never heard it?
> Also, If your company wants to create a new software, will you recommand
> them to use python even if your boss/colleagues don't know about it? How
> you tell them the benefits from python? Why or why not?
i work at a small e-commerce systems/solutions company, I'm a recently
inducted "solutions programmer" (heh :)). I mainly did sys admining before
this and did use python for my sys admining scripts. My project manager
was open to ideas, so i suggested python. However after myself and others
(including the project manager) looked into it and presented what we found
to each other. The overall decision was/is that apache/mod_perl is still
the way to go for large scale e-commerce systems. The reasoning behind the
decision is the overall tested stability of mod_perl, overall speed of
mod_perl, and the extremely large collection of perl community contributed
modules. We have decided python is great for sys admin scripts but that's
about it for now. One of the guys brought ruby to the table, and to be
honest, from his findings it seems the ruby community puts out more
modules than the python community. So, the mind-set is now that if we ever
do switch, it will most likely be when mod_ruby is a bit more tested and
stable than it is right now and if we don't switch we will just move to
perl 6 if all is good with it when it *eventually* comes out. Remember
though, our company just provides e-commerce systems, myself and others
were very fond of what we found with jython but we don't have a use for
jython with what the company's current focus is.

you can see a very recent post by me entitled "python for use corporate
e-commerce site?" (was supposed to be "python for use in corporate
e-commerce sites?" o well :)) when i was doing some research on python for
use with e-ecommerce. Overall, i would have to say the main reason we go
with perl isnt even the speed issue, it's that the perl community
indirectly supports and pushes the use of perl into companies because of
the large and very useful amount of user contributed libraries. We (as a
whole, not just my opinion but i do agree 100%) found that a lot of the
python projects are what we would consider "rebulding the wheel" and there
isnt enough focus on modules. That being said, please keep in mind i do
use and very much like python. So please don't flame me into outer-space

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