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Hans Nowak wurmy at
Wed Aug 28 19:22:39 CEST 2002


I am planning to get a Macintosh computer soon (an iMac G3, to be precise). It 
should probably run Mac OS X. Unfortunately, at this point I don't know 
anything about Macs, so I wonder how things work with Python programming. Maybe 
some MacPython users can enlighten me.

I know that there are several Python versions of the Mac out there, so I trust 
that I can still do some basic programming with it. But would I still be able 
to use, for example:
- Tkinter?
- wxPython?
- ReportLab?
- Numeric?
- PyGame?

Maybe some of these packages rely on binaries and must therefore be custom 
built. How easy/difficult would it be to do that, compared to other operating 

Also, does MacPython have a command line like the Windows and Unix versions?


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