Are most programmers male?

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Mon Aug 12 00:23:35 CEST 2002

"Peter Hansen" <peter at> wrote in message
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> Lance Ellinghaus wrote:
> >
> > My wife [...] says that for her, she chose a profession that dealt with
> > people and not computers, she is a Physician Assistant-Certified.
> I deal far more with people than with computers in my day to day work.
> I hire people who know how to deal with people well.  I don't hire
> "programmers", I hire intelligent, enthusiastic people with good
> communication skills, who have be trained or learned to program.
> And one of those "anti-social engineer types with no people skills".
> I suspect most physicians' assistants have to deal with computers
> a fair bit these days, too.
> Nobody should be pigeonholed, including "programmers".
> -Peter

I'd trade a half-dozen social types who can program for one anti-social
engnieer who can really program and will sit 24 hours straight to sove a
difficult programming problem to meet a deadline. You do need the social
types who can program because they're better at communicating with the
customer to gather requirements. You need the hermit engineer to actually
build the core product or service.


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