Interesting comments about Py on LT

Pete Shinners pete at
Wed Aug 7 11:37:30 EDT 2002

R.Marquez wrote:
> It says:
> Oh please. Python is a nice language and all, and has its uses, but it
> doesn't yet come close to filling Java's shoes. Does it have standard
> APIs for all of: database connectivity (regardless of DB), remote
> method invocation, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, multimedia, XML, CORBA,
> naming and directory services, messaging, distributed transactions,
> cross-platform GUI, componentization (like JavaBeans), subsetting for
> embedded applications, etc? 

by this argument, languages like C and C++ are not "complete" languages 
either. outside of that, python covers just about all the bases you 
mention. in fact even better, there are often multiple libraries to cover 
these issues, so you don't need to suffer with "one-size-fits-most".

 > Give me a break. Python is nowhere near being able to handle what Java
 > can. Name some excellent Python apps... I dare you. Name some real
 > Python apps that are the result of a real development team and not
 > just some pet project of a computer science student. You cant.

i'd actually prefer to see the same thing said about java. i have yet to 
get any "larger-than-applet" sized java application working smoothly on my 
machine. sure my java environment is not likely setup correctly, but that's 
not really on my todo list. it sounds like by "real" you mean "commercial"? 
not something i exactly put together. there's several full apps available, 
but more importantly, many of the applications i use include python 
scripting, none suppose java.

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