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Tue Aug 6 14:04:46 CEST 2002

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> perl and python I'm trying to decide which.  I know right now perl can
> be considered more marketable, but I also like python because it looks

As far as marketability goes: If I was hiring people, I would pick
someone with a solid grasp of OOP and a good taste over a perl coder
any day. Being on the Python bandwagon signals your (future) employer
that you can be trusted with the serious large scale stuff, not just
quick hacks to random, trivial problems.

Python experience automatically leverages your Java and C++ skills,
while perl knowledge is useless outside the scope of the language perl
itself. I would advise you to learn Python well, and perl enough to do
while(<>) - you probably know this much already - and put it on your
resume (marketability being your concern).

-- Ville

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