Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Wed Aug 14 13:39:43 CEST 2002

Henry Steigerwaldt wrote:
> This is a test message.
> I previously posted a message a couple of days ago, but
> I never saw it posted to the group.
> Hence, this is a test to see if it works this time.
> Thank you.

There are several test newsgroups intended for this purpose.  
Unless you've posted there and succeeded, but cannot post
to comp.lang.python, it is poor etiquette to clutter up this
newsgroup with test messages.

See misc.test or possibly a test newsgroup specific to your
ISP for example.

By the way, it can easily take several days for messages to 
show up, depending on where you are located.  One step you
should take before concluding the post never made it is go
to groups.google.com and see whether you can see it there.

Also, once you post the article your local news server should
always show it to you right away, so if you haven't seen it
even locally, you can assume a problem with your own system,
and use the test newsgroups to sort it out.


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