Could Python supplant Java?

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Wed Aug 21 06:03:14 EDT 2002

Nicola Musatti <Nicola.Musatti at> wrote in 
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> So you rewrite a compiler worth of tests on each project? This almost
> sounds as a good reason to stick to statically typed languages: at
> least, half the tests have already been written for you.

Unfortunately the tests the compiler does aren't generally the most useful. 
If you have a function that is supposed to return the total of a list of 
numbers, the compiler might check that you pass in a list of numbers and 
get back a single number as a result. The tests you write may tell you that 
when you pass in the list [1, 2, 3] you get back 6, and when you pass in [] 
you get an IndexError exception.

I know which of these I would prefer to have.

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