Is it worth learning python?

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Aug 22 01:08:50 EDT 2002

Grant Edwards wrote:
> In article <ak1lq0$gro$1 at>, Aahz wrote:
> > In article <slrnam8elt.q9j.grante at localhost.localdomain>,
> > Grant Edwards  <grante at> wrote:
> >>
> >>If you want a good job, you'll need a degree.
> >
> > Nope.  Degree helps, but it's not needed.
> Depends on definition of "good job" I suppose.  None of my employers would
> hire engineers without degrees, but maybe that's not a representative sample.

I wouldn't be likely to hire an "engineer" without a degree, but in 
Canada that's effectively an oxymoron anyway.  I would certainly hire
developers without degrees if they had the necessary background and
attitude/ability/etc to fill the job.  (I've done this once so far.)

And I provide an *excellent* job for people. :)

Aahz is right.  It's not essential, but generally it helps.


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