http server experiment

Aaron Watters aaron at
Wed Aug 21 23:10:28 CEST 2002

Hi folks,

I put together an HTTP server prototype using
Christian Tismer's excellent stackless python I'd like to
have interested people look at it and try itb.  

It will reside here, until such time as Robin Becker decides
he needs to delete it :) (temporarily!)

The main point of interest is:

1) it doesn't use operating system threads.
2) it doesn't block.
3) it doesn't break each operation into 5 million little method calls.

That is to say, The operation to send a file (without blocking even if 
the file is large)
looks like this:

while there is data: read some data; send some data

This is in stark contrast to the standard "state machine" approach.
Also, since I'm not using operating system threads I can minutely
control the scheduling without difficulties (and have less overhead, I 

Thanks again Christian!

   -- Aaron Watters

ps: see notes.txt though :(

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