Path problem in W2K service with Win32 extension module

Quinet, Joel joel.quinet at
Tue Aug 27 01:21:13 EDT 2002

hi all,

I write an application with Python 2.2.1 on W2K Server SP2.

I have two versions of this application running on the same machine, the
production one that is located in the site-packages folder and the
development one located in an other folder.

This application runs in as W2K service written with the win32 extension
module.  This application is multi thread.  Both version has a differents
service name.
My problem is when I start the development one, it uses a lot code from the
production.  I have try to change the path in the main module of my service,
but that does not change.

If I start the application in a console windows (not as service), everything
is fine.

Any help will be welcome.

Thanks for your help.

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