Simple mail/spam filter

Auke Jilderda jilderda at
Fri Aug 30 10:10:48 EDT 2002

Oops, should have been obviously. Sorry about 


Auke Jilderda <jilderda at> wrote:
> I wrote a little spamfilter in Python using both the email and smtplib 
> packages. It's a very simple (some 300 LOC) implementation of a whitelist 
> strategy and works extremely effective for me. Have a look at 
> Kind regards,
> Auke
> Thomas Weholt <2002 at> wrote:
>> Saw the proxy-example on and thought I could make a very
>> simple spamfilter. Can I use the mime-module to inspect the incoming emails?
>> Any could, real simple examples on how to implement a very basic spamfilter
>> would be highly appreciated. The link on was dead.
>> Best regards,
>> Thomas

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