email auto-responder

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Aug 7 00:59:37 EDT 2002

Sheila King wrote:
> To invoke a script for a particular mailbox, say, joeuser at, you
> would edit the file
> .qmail-joeuser
> and in that file you would put something like this:
> /path/to/script/

Although the docs Sheila pointed to cover the actual details,
in case anyone tries to do it without RTFM the line usually
looks something like this example from TMDA:

|preline /usr/bin/tmda/bin/tmda-filter

The pipe | character tells Qmail to pass the email to the program,
and 'preline' is some preprocessing program included with Qmail
whose purpose I forget (but which takes the name of another program
to run, like the tmda-filter script above, which is really Python


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