Autocoding - the resistance to expect from psuedo programmers

Robin Becker robin at
Mon Feb 4 01:56:26 CET 2002

In article <922.799T2387T11875593threeseas at>, Timothy Rue
<threeseas at> writes
>In reviewing over many messages in the autocoding and related threads and
>seeing the evidence of contridictions, hypocracy, irrational and
>illogical responses......
>Its damn clear that there is a need to remove the sort of people posing to
>be professional who are in essence just good liars, abstraction
>manipulators, from the industry.
>Who knows, maybe that stench will be enough to motivate me see that it
>gets done, gets removed.
>Maybe I should be more appriciative of the stench if it so motivates me.
>Anyone want to add anything to this?
all your ideas are belong to you
Robin Becker

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