Why Python is like BASIC ... java "vs" python

john coppola john_coppola_r_s at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 18 04:34:18 CET 2002

For all the people following this thread.  I think the
main point I was trying to make (although rather
abstract) is that I think differently depending on
which language I am using.  If I am using BASIC I
don't think like python.  If your are, your not using
basic correctly.  You must use basic like BASIC.  And
not try to do anything more complicated than basic can
describe in a clear way, otherwise you begin to use
the language outside the bounds of which it was
intended.  For instance, it's not very efficient to
write xml parsers in pure python.  Is this making

When I program in C++, I'm not thinking like java. 
C++ is far more low level and requires more detail. C
and C++ are efficiency languages.  Good programming
practices in C although could be useful in C++, but
largely are not since structs and functions have been
supplanted by real Object Orientation (well almost
real).  When I program in C i'm not thinking like C++.

Believe it or not, when I program in Jython, I don't
think like Python.  WHY?  When you do advanced
programming, you will see the differences.

So on basis of that, I feel very strongly that
although there are similarities,  I seldom consider
"print XYZ" to be thinking.  When one tackles advanced
problems, you see the differences in languages, you
see why they are useful, and you see why they are not,
and these differences for me out weigh the

John Coppola

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