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Boris^2 borcis at geneva-link.ch
Sat Feb 23 10:02:54 EST 2002

Ben Wolfson wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Feb 2002 03:20:33 -0600, Tim Legant wrote:
> > From (ancient) memory, isn't it:
> >
> > 'Twas _brillig_, and the _slithy_ _toves_
> > Did _gyre_ and _gimble_ in the _wabe_.
> > All _mimsy_ were the _borogoves_ (borogroves?)
> > And the _mome_ _raths_ _outgabe_.
> Close: the last word is "outgrabe" (past tense of "outgribe", naturally).

Snicker-snack and vorpal blade :

Vorpal clearly reads as oral and verbal, now french
morphology admits a pun shaped like :

(lambda x : death to x)^4 = death by the oral blade to amoral morals.

It's found in the phrase :

"Mettons ainsi par la lame orale la morale amorale à mort".

A very interesting phrase, this. Feels to me like Lewis Carroll
heard it first. Does anyone know how much french he mastered ?

What's-the-morality-of-a-Bandersnatch-?-ly yours,

beware the filter(lambda W : W not in "ILLITERATE","BULLSHIT") effect !

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