Python 2.2 + Win32All 146 = Python/ASP Failures

Joe Salmeri JoeSalmeri at
Sat Feb 2 00:37:13 CET 2002


I grabbed from win32all-142.exe and replaced it in the
installation as you suggested.  I also deleted the framework.pyc just to
make sure the new version was compiled.  Next I restarted the web server,
just as a sanic check to make sure it saw the changes to the python asp

Repeating my tests with BROKE.ASP (I tested other asp scripts too) and still
had the exact same problem.

Hopefully this may (or may not) give you more insight into the problem.

If I can help out (testing, trying to narrow down the problem further),
please do not hesitate to ask.

"Mark Hammond" <mhammond at> wrote in message
news:3C59DA37.9070506 at
> This ia a bug I am hoping to fix very soon.  If you are really keen,
> then you can grab the from win32all-142.exe - you can open
> that .exe using WinZip.
> Mark.

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