running a COM server in Python

Mark Barclay markabarclay at
Mon Feb 25 18:54:28 EST 2002

Thanks Mark. I have your book, and it is invaluable. I should have credited you

Is there a way of coding a COM server that can be running before it is accessed
by a COM client? I'm not sure if this makes sense, but I'd like to have a program
running, that can be connected to, perhaps multiple times, without it having to
create multiple instances of teh server, just have multiple clients using it.


Mark Hammond wrote:

> dsavitsk wrote:
> > just for the sake of giving credit where it is due, and not giving it where
> > it is not, Mark Hammond is responsible for the excellent COM groundwork.
> > ActiveState is responsible for laying him off.
> LOL - thanks for the clarification.  I was going to post something
> similar, but it would not have sounded as good coming from me! :)
> Mark.

Mark Barclay (markabarclay at

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