OT: caps lock

Bruce Dykes bkd at graphnet.com
Tue Feb 5 04:46:26 EST 2002

> > By the way, to my great and enduring happiness I managed to turn it off
> > under XFree86. Even the light doesn't go on when I press it! I've
> > remapped it to be an extra control key, but perhaps escape would be
> > for vi use. But I don't really dare getting used to it as I'd screw up
> > as soon as I'd switch to anyone else's keyboard..
> I discovered that in Win2k, under "Accessibility Options", there is a
> "toggle keys" option.  Enabling this plays a beep whenever caps or num
> lock is pressed.  This seems a good solution.

Jerry Pournelle's solution is to stuff foam rubber under the key...that way,
it's still there, but you have to press REALLY HARD to activate it.


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