Guido wins FSF Award

Chris Gonnerman chris.gonnerman at
Mon Feb 18 04:59:03 CET 2002

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From: <kosh at>
> I have never been an amiga user and have never made posts to the amiga
> newsgroup unless it was crossposted from the linux advocacy newsgroup
> which would be pretty strange. For irc I am in a relatively limited number
> of places. and #zope

Likely "Kosh" is a fairly frequent pseudonym... and as far as I am
Vorlons are welcome here.

"All Vorlons are Kosh"...

Rue is so busy abusing the programmers he is trying to convince, he has
no time for proper geek pursuits such as watching TV.

If your handle isn't, in fact, a reference to B5, my apologies (there I
go again) but I'm sure that many who use that handle are B5 fans.

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