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Mon Feb 4 15:02:56 CET 2002

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> > I suppose it might be a brain thing. I use my left hand for writing and
> > drawing while I use my right hand for more coarse-grained tasks, like
> > throwing a ball and such.
> Strange. I don't come across many other people who do this. I've always
> thought my brain must have been differently wired for some reason I'll
> know.

I am one.  I can't write worth a crap with my right hand, but if you see
me with a hammer in my left hand, RUN AWAY.

> > I wouldn't count myself as ambidextrous though.
> >
> "I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous".

I tell people "I'm ambidextrous; equally clumsy with both hands."

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