Courageous jkraska at san.rr.com
Sun Feb 17 23:38:31 CET 2002

>You are aware that the Python License was changed to be GPL compatable
>after the fact of code?

You are confused. This only applied to _forward_ licensees of the
newer distributions. The old distributions are still covered by the old
license and anyone holding that code can obey the older licensing terms.

One cannot unilaterally change the terms of a contract (which is what a
shrink wrapped license is) unless the contract itself includes an
stipulation which allows it. GPL is not such a license.

Of course, the owners of the software aren't required to distribute the
old code at all and nor are they bound in any way by their own licensing
terms. So, for example, if one releases something under the GPL to the
general public, one can still use one's own work in commercial software,
derive works from it, and ignore the requirements to publish any of this
to the general public.

But what one CANT do is give people rights under the GPL, BSD, or any
other of the classic free licenses and ever be able to expect to take
them back.

It can't be done.


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