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>>>>Anyway, it looks to me like Python is the wrong language for what you want
>>>>to do.  C# is almost certainly the best choice for this; it's designed for
>>>>the kinds of tasks you're looking at,
>>>Is Tim trying to lock people in to the Microsoft monopoly, then?
>>Why do you make up things by taking things out of context?

>Why do you misinterprete a joking question as a personal attack on you?
>You seem to have very fragile self-esteem...

>>Are you naturally dishonest or do you work at it?

>Yes. I mean no. Oops I've been caught lying again.

>>Autocoding will be a nice thing to have, it'll get rid of all the arrogant

>Then I suggest you create it.

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You Phil are a simple programmed idiot.

I recall a delphi conference I attended. During the very boring talk the
speaker was giving in going over what all delphi can do to ease the
programmers task of programming, he didn't fail to mention that for the
professional programmers of the audience, there should be no worry about
the ease of delphi programming causing everybody and their brother to
become programmers and undercut the pay scale of those in the room. Be
assured, he said, you won't find carpenters using it.

Phil, I am a carpenter, a set/scenery carpenter. I attended the conference
in order to help me determine if delphi could be used to help me automate
much of the standardized calculating that I was having to do in my job.

I don't give a shit if you have more programming experience then anyone
else in the world Phil. For all that would tell me is that you have more
experience in not doing it right, then anyone else in the world, making
you also the most difficult person in the world to retrain.

Programming is two deminsional, not three.

But even in the three deminsional work I do, when something is done
enough, we figure out jigs and methods in order to do more in less time
with higher quality.

To understand some basic idea of the difference between the two
deminsional world and the three deminsional world, is like colors of
light, red, blue and green. Remove one of them to represent the two
deminsional world and you are greatly constrained by far more than half
of all colors possible in having three primary colors.

The three deminsional world has more variables and as such it is more
difficult to come up with more universal jigs and methods. But programming
is two deminsional and as such the universal jiging or methods should far
better exist than they do. If you want to call near non-existant, existance
at all.

And that's the thing Phil, the jiging of an autocoder tool as what I'm on
about, really does screw you over. Screw My efforts to be nice about
something is is not going to be preceived as positive no matter how I
paint it.

Regardless of all the resistance that may have existed, the automobile
still came along, and then American Auto manufactures found it better to
just start fresh than to try and retrain and retool old production, in
order to compete with the Japanesse, who found a better way, new jiging,
rigging and automating.

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