GUI (PyQt) & thread problem

Phil Thompson phil at
Mon Feb 25 03:21:20 EST 2002

Lee Harr wrote:
> > Can someone tell me what the problem is with the following program, as it
> > hangs. I'm pretty sure there's some inherent design-flaw involved, but
> > I'm not familiar enough with threads or GUI-programming to know what it
> > could be.
> >
> > I've also tried modyfing the program to use PYSIGNALs instead of passing the
> > caller to the thread, but the results were the same.
> >
> I did a google search for pyqt threading and I am not so sure that
> these things are working together.
> There is a qt QThread class, but it does not seem to be available
> to pyqt yet.

QThread, QMutex, QSemaphore and QWaitCondition are implemented in PyQt


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