Can I import an arbitary file?

Peter Ballard pballard at
Tue Feb 26 03:11:09 CET 2002

G'day all,

I've written a program (an SRAM generator, if you must know) which
has some configuration info (for different SRAM sizes etc.) in a separate
file. This configuration file is python code.

What I want to do is import this file. The problem is, this file could
be any name at all. What I want to do is parse my command line, and
find out the name of my configuration file, and then import the file of
that name. Is that possible?

(Obviously I can read in this arbitrary file and parse it,
but to actually execute it would be much neater).

Or is there any other way I can read in a file of an arbitary name,
and execute its code?

Thanks in advance,

Peter Ballard
(From Australia, the speed skating capital of the world :-)

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